Best Deal on Hotels

1. Check booking buddy to compare many sites at the same time.

2. Go to and if their price is the same as the lowest you found book it. Tingo will continue to check your reservation and if lower price found for that same hotel will re-book with better rate.


Visa Signature hotels – great aggravator, very helpful with many filters and many smaller travel agents. – rarely the best rates, but with their 10 nights program you basically get 10% discount for future use. – get air miles for hotel booking


To check cash and points rates at multiple hotels:

hyatt cash and points search



Hyatt certificates can be a great deal if used correctly.

Buy certificates at this link

Check participating hotels and certificate level here.

Check availability by using one of the offer code on reservation screen. If available should say “Rate Confidential”.

Classic Level – HSCLN1
Choice Level – HSCHN1
Premier Level – HSPRN1
Elite Level – HSELN1
Inspire Level – HSINN1


Should arrive in up to 10 days.

Will not earn stays or points.


Use promotional code PR13CB for best rates