Why need online backup

In the current state there is a lot of important irreplaceble information on personal computers and lots of failing hard drives. The most irreplacble information is not the movies or music you purchased, but rather your pictures, your home videos, electronic finantial data, and many office documents. If not counting purchased music and movies, there is about 30-40GB of irreplaceble data on my pc, so I decided to look for a good backup solution. I should say that physical hard drive backup is not a viable option for me (higher chance of loosing back up data due to disk faliure, to store off site I have to bother freinds or family members, too time consuming).

There are lots of choices, but I needed certain features:

1. Automatic backups.

2. Enough space to atleast save most important info.

3. Company with solid backgound (to protect my data – secure, and to be sure it is future proof – company not going out of business as with many before).

So here is my findings.

IDrive Online Backup


Free account space 2GB + 250MB bonus* 50GB 2GB 1GB paid only Uses your network computer space
FTP access No paid only No
Automatic backup via soft Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Memory taxation 12MB 14MB NA 14MB 16MB 28MB
Paid service $4.95/month ($59.40/year) Unlimited $13.95/month ($139.50/year)
$4.95/month ($59.50/year) 150GB $7.99/month ($95.88/year) 6GB $4.92/month ($59/year) Unlimited NA
Safe delete No Yes NA


* If you use our link to sign up you will get additional 250MB bonus

** Some services remove files from online backup if you delete them from your backed up folder. Uplink leaves files online so it is safe to delete files from your computer, you would still have access to it online.


It is imposible to use your webhosting provider to do data backup as most hosting providers restrict backup use of hosted webspace (some to allow small number of files to be backed up – up to 50GB). For all purpose backup I would go with uplink, as it allows to save deleted files as well (for now atleast) and the least expensive of the bunch from reputable company. Mozy is also very good but if you delete a file from your system and then perform backup again, that file will be deleted from online backup as well. this feature saves mozy space, but causes some issues with my inner wellbeing. If you only need few GB to save data here and there, use mozy, as it is a respectable company with years of service and free and easy to use.