Compare Business checking accounts

Melio (payments only)BluevineBrexMercury
Monthly feeFreeFreeFreeFree
ACH bill pay:FreeFreeFreeFree
ACH Same Day1% up to $30$10
ACH by card2.9% (with Amex)2.9% (no Amex)
Yield (as of 9/30/2023)2.0%4.93%5.43%
Mobile check depositYes
Domestic wiresFreeFree
International wiresIncoming Free (Outgoing $15)FreeFree
Extras2 Free checkbooks every year
Singup bonus$100 with $10K deposit



It is a great free payroll solution that you can use for your business, but it comes with limitations, such as, restoration and backup. Here I am providing fairly easy way of backing up and restoring your Timetrex on another PC. Let me know if you have trouble with this.


Here is direct link to timetrex including upgrades.

How to restore Timetrex on new PC

1. Save complete folder from your OLD computer. If possible make backup of database by running “backup_database.bat” in command prompt. (to run in command prompt in windows 7 hold shift button and right click on Timetrex folder, then select “Open Command Window here” then you can type “backup_database.bat” and hit enter, new file will be created in that folder with following syntax timetrex_database_DATE.sql. use that backup file in the future to restore your Timetrex).

2. Download and install latest version of Timetrex from their website

3. Go to your OLD folder and right click on backup_database.bat file select “edit” and save password for future use (look for SET PGPASSWORD=xxxxxxxxx)

4. After install continue to browser setup and go through steps until you reach page where it tests connection to database and it has password entered in there. Replace that password with your OLD password.

5. Right click on restore_database.bat and backup_database.bat files and replace password there with your OLD password.

6. In your OLD folder open file Timetrex/Timetrex/timetrex.ini.php with notepad and look for ” salt=” on the very bottom. Copy that value into timetrex.ini.php file in your NEW installation folder by replacing “sale=0” there with your value.

7. Now use restore_database.bat and your backed up database to restore it (in command prompt enter “restore_database.bat timetrex_database_DATE.sql”. It should run through long list of actions such as table creation and tell you success at the end.

8. Now you can login to your Timetrex and it will be back to normal. Hope it helps and please support me by checking out advertisers.