Coronavirus financial help to small businesses

FREE Grants, loans or products to WA state small businesses

  1. FUNDS ARE DEPLETED Economic Injury Disaster Loans here (no conversion to grant) but can forgive $10,000 if application is not approved.
  2. FUNDS ARE DEPLETED Payceck protection program can be converted to grant, but only for payroll.
  3. Amazon – small business help grants here
  4. US Chamber of Commerce Grants for small businesses $5000 here
  5. ENDED Working Washington small Business Emergency Grants up to $10,000 here
  6. Free Cloud Camera from Waze to WA small businesses here
  7. ENDED City of Seattle grants for businesses with 5 employees or less here
  8. ENDED Kirkland Small business Relief Fund here
  9. Employee retention act tax credit here
  10. Link to check stimulus payment here

Some additional information

  1. IRS due date for taxes moved to July 15th 2020
  2. WA state supporting page here